About Us

Gear Collective is a multi-faceted agency specializing in launching brands into the fashion, gift and action sports market. Consulting services available as well as full time brand representation. Our focus is on sustainable, eco-friendly, future conscious products!

Jarah Emerson



Growing up in Alabama, Jarah Emerson learned at an early age about the power of sales. Her first job was as a knife dealer at an army navy store. Coming from a long line of clothing designers and seamstresses, the natural progression was to move into the fashion realm. In her late teens, Jarah set out on a very long road trip spending the majority of the year alone in hotels selling door to door to the young contemporary boutiques of the southern states. Once she had a committed list of contacts, she found an investor and started her own company selling several lines she distributed along with her own line that she created with her mother. After a year of owning the business, she moved to Atlanta to broaden her customer base, but after just one year there, she decided that she needed something more challenging.

New York offered Jarah the challenge she needed. She landed a job at Kidrobot just as they were launching their clothing line. Here she developed relationships with some of the top global retailers helping the brand reach a cult status.

After two years, she joined a showroom, The Foundation, working in a multi-brand environment. With several hundred contacts globally, she has proven her ability to launch a brand into the fashion market with fast placement in several of the top retailers she maintains relationships with.

After two more years, Jarah was ready to commit to her plan of opening another company by the time she turned 30. Combining her passion for an active lifestyle and relationships developed in the fashion and action sports market, Jarah launched Gear Collective. As the company has grown, the cycling grew to focus on sustainability and eco-friendly focused products.

When Jarah is not working, you can find her riding her bicycle.

Belinda Ticheli 



Coming from a background in design and manufacturing, Belinda now manages the operational side of Gear Collective. From bookkeeping and accounting to contracts and human resources, Belinda keeps the team in line. She does this all from a sailboat in the Gulf of Mexico, staying true to the active lifestyle that Gear Collective promotes.


Jeramy Emerson



With many years on the retail side, Jeramy brings a new level of experience to Gear Collective. From merchandising and staffing to operations, he understands the buyers and shop owners points of view. Managing over $50 million in retail sales yearly at A&F, Jeramy also assisted in the initial push of the Hollister concept and was involved in the openings of more than 40 new stores while at A&F. He’s our resident retail expert, assisting brands with pop-up shop concepts and operations as well as helping guide them on what they can do to be more retailer friendly. After his A&F experience, Jeramy sat at a buyers desk for 5 years. His first hand experience in that role provides valuable insight into how to work with buyers and make sure the proper relationship is built between brand and buyer.

To connect with a rep in your area, please email info@gearcollectivenyc.com