Parafina is devoted to designing eyewear that blends eco-friendly materials with seamless functionality. Materials range from bamboo, recycled plastic bottles, organic eco acetate, tin, cork and recycled tires from the largest landfill in Kuwait. Lenses are all polarized. Not only is the end product impressive, but the brand efforts for social initiatives are equally notable. For a scholarship fund for children in Paraguay, the brand donates ... [More]


Notabag makes smart, simple, functional bags that allow the user to move seamlessly through the day without needing to use single-use plastic or lug around a heavy duffle bag the usual (old) way. Our Original Notabag transitions from tote to backpack with the pull of the straps, with no hardware or extra weight. Our new Duffle Notabag starts off lightweight and minimal but has a unique design allowing the user to carry in hand, use as a cross ... [More]

Arvin Goods

Arvin Goods strives to make the cleanest apparel and accessory basics on the planet. We believe that our responsibly made products can help global communities combat the lack of drinking water by removing it from our manufacturing process. Less water used to make basics means more left for humans to drink. We spent heaps of time to develop our clean supply chain knowing we could positively impact the planet while providing people with ... [More]

Son De Flor

New to Gear Collective. More info coming soon! [More]

Little Dude So Rude

Coming soon. A goofy brand about a dog human whisperer. An example of how to stop being so rude. IG: ... [More]