Notabag makes smart, simple, functional bags that allow the user to move seamlessly through the day without needing to use single-use plastic or lug around a heavy duffle bag the usual (old) way. Our Original Notabag transitions from tote to backpack with the pull of the straps, with no hardware or extra weight. Our new Duffle Notabag starts off lightweight and minimal but has a unique design allowing the user to carry in hand, use as a cross body, or as a backpack all very simply. The features are also very smart from the removable pouch to the side vented pocket that can be used for shoes, damp workout clothes, bike helmets, etc. The bag design allows for the simple carry outside of the bag for a yoga mat or umbrella. 

But we’re not just about the product. Making eco-conscious choices becomes obvious when the solutions are practical, aesthetic, and make our lives easier. 

We want to bring these solutions to our customers, and the world. To do that, we combine aesthetic, practical and eco-conscious design with high quality, long-lasting materials. We choose to collaborate with small factories with good working conditions.