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Gear Collective is a multi-faceted agency that launches brands into the fashion, gift, and lifestyle markets. Our primary focus is sales but we also offer services including brand management, operations, warehousing and fulfillment. Consulting services available as well as full time brand representation. 

Our focus is on sustainable, eco-friendly, future conscious products!


Parafina is devoted to designing eyewear that blends eco-friendly materials with seamless functionality. Materials range from bamboo, recycled plastic bottles, organic eco acetate, tin, cork and recycled tires from the largest landfill in Kuwait. Lenses are all polarized. Not only is the end product impressive, but the brand efforts for social initiatives are equally notable. For a scholarship fund for children in Paraguay, the brand donates 5% of sales. Like each student, when you open your Parafina case, the glasses come along with a pencil case constructed of 100% recycled HDPE. Along with the packaging, included is an eco pencil made with recycled compressed paper; this pencil reinforces the message in support of education and sustainability. When done with the pencil, you can plant it and grow different types of plants to grow your own Parafina garden.


Notabag makes smart, simple, functional bags that allow the user to move seamlessly through the day without needing to use single-use plastic or lug around a heavy duffle bag the usual (old) way. Our Original Notabag transitions from tote to backpack with the pull of the straps, with no hardware or extra weight. Our new Duffle Notabag starts off lightweight and minimal but has a unique design allowing the user to carry in hand, use as a cross body, or as a backpack all very simply. The features are also very smart from the removable pouch to the side vented pocket that can be used for shoes, damp workout clothes, bike helmets, etc. The bag design allows for the simple carry outside of the bag for a yoga mat or umbrella. 

Notabag combines a fashionable aesthetic, practical and eco-conscious design with high quality, long-lasting materials. The brand collaborates with small factories with good working conditions.


Son De Flor is not your typical fashion brand as it awakens a feeling of nostalgia and inner child. The 14 employees of Son De Flor (all women) know how to make a woman feel beautiful at all sizes. With flattering fits of high quality linen from this Lithuanian brand rooted in sustainability, we launched into the US market this season. All linen is from a local producer with yarns being raised in the EU and assures absolutely fair production and Oeko-Tex®100 certification. All garments are stone-washed and softened by a small family-owned company. No plastic is used in the wrapping or delivery of the brand. 



QuyDesign is an Italian design brand born in 2012 with the focus of creating design products without using plastic. This is how the QuyCup® project is born: high-quality, easy-to-carry and fabulous design cup brought together by an eco-friendly material of bamboo fibre. QuyCup® cups are ideal for sipping on both hot and cold beverages.

It is an ecological, biological and biodegradable product, and it is not only safe for the environment, but also for our health.

QuyZERO is the brands latest product solution. ZERO Plastic, ZERO BPA, Zero Co2 emissions, ZERO environmental impact, reusable bottle, thermos 500 ml, hot 12 hours, cold 24 hours, stainless steel, double walled + fun colors and designs that make us all smile!


Malmok is born from the need of all who love the sea, designing and producing sustainable products with a timeless and classic style. With workshops located near the coast in Spain and a large part of the free time spent enjoying the beach, the dreaded plastic in the sea is becoming an obvious threat. Malmok is committed to eliminating all plastic in the supply chain and making eco-friendly choices. Swim trunks for men and boys are made from recycled PET water bottles. Other fabrics Malmok uses are linen, organic cotton and poplin. Beach Bat Sets are uniquely handcrafted with several layers of sustainably sourced wood offcuts, and then finished with a sea and sand-resistant resin.

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